Stanley is a seizure alert dog providing life changing support to his owner in Gloucester. He is a black labrador and his birthday is 3rd April. 

Stanley began his training as a hero assistance dog with another charity who felt that he would make the best autism assistance dog so gave him to Support Dogs.  Stanley provides a lifeline for his owner. He provides a 100% reliable, 50 minute warning of an epileptic seizure, giving his owner time to get somewhere safe.

He likes to play in the garden especially when his family are trying to water the plants, when he leaps in the way of the hose! At the end of each day, he loves nothing more than cuddling up with his owner and his family.

By sponsoring Stanley you will help to transform the lives of children with autism and adults with epilepsy and physical disability. You'll receive three updates a year from Stanley, a sponsorship pack including a special photo certificate of your new pal and a FREE cuddly Support Dogs toy.