If you are looking for a fun challenge for you and your dog look no further! We have teamed up with free Challenge Accepted app to create #7daysofmydog. 

All you need to do is to take 7 adorable photos of your pup over 7 days and upload them to the app. Each day there is a different theme:

  • Day 1 - Your dog and their favourite toy
  • Day 2 - Your dog in their favourite place please.
  • Day 3 - Your dog and their best friend (p.s. it can be you!)
  • Day 4 - Your dogs face when they see a treat
  • Day 5 - Your dog snoozing
  • Day 6 - Your dogs best trick
  • Day 7 - An unflattering photo of your dog

There isn't a fundraising target or a cost to you, we just ask you to share your photos on social media with a link to Support Dogs donation page to encourage others to donate to our work. We would love to flood social media with amazing photos of your dogs and share our work with many more people. 

It’s easy and free to get started:

  1. Visit Challenge Accepted page to download the app here
  2. Search ‘Support Dogs’ to find the 7 days of my dog challenge
  3. On the challenge, you’ll see the 7 photos you need to take over the next 7 days
  4. Take or share a photo of your dog each day of the challenge using the hashtag #7daysofmydog and link to the Support Dogs donation page 

The challenge is open until the end of April so take part whenever you like. 

What is the Challenge Accepted app?

Challenge Accepted is a free lifestyle and motivation app that helps people discover, track and complete challenges from 30-day fitness challenges to reading lists, fundraising challenges and more. 

We're working with Challenge Accepted to help give you ideas for your next fundraising challenge and help you stay motivated. Find out more and download the Challenge Accepted app here