The 2.6 Challenge - calling all stay at home heroes!

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone. The families our charity supports are those who health conditions mean they are amongst the most at risk to Covid-19. We are working hard to provide more support than ever through this emergency.

Our work is vital. It saves lives and it also save the NHS over £19 million a year. Yet we are a small charity, we rely 100% on voluntary donations and fundraising is really hard right now with all normal fundraising activity cancelled. We would love for you to join us for The 2.6 Challenge

What is the 2.6 Challenge?
From Sunday 26 April, the day the London Marathon should have taken place, we’re asking you to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26.

This could be running 26 laps of your house, singing 26 back to back karaoke classics or getting your dog to catch 26 biscuits in a row. We have lots of ideas below. We then ask you to get your friends to sponsor or make a donation in recognition of your achievements for our charity.

How do you sign up?

You can sign up by creating a 2.6 Challenge fundraising page  on Just Giving.  or Virgin Money Giving 

The 2.6 Challenge is part of this nationwide campaign created by a number of the organisers of London Marathon, Great North Run and other mass participation events in response to the challenges facing UK charities. 

Making your donations go further
As always, every amount you raise will come directly to us, BUT we will also receive a percentage of an additional central fund set up by 2.6 challenge based on the amount raised by our supporters!  

You challenge could be a bit of fun, an active challenge or even get your dog involved, we've put together some ideas to help you get creative!

Need some help - contact us

Some fun-spiration

1. Sing 26 karaoke classics in a row taking donations for requests...or for you to stop

2. Organise a 2.6 hour quiz-a-thon for friends and family. Ask for an entry fee to take part - we can help with prizes!

3. Draw or paint 26 different dogs - we'd love to see your masterpieces! You could even sell them to the highest bidder

4. Learn to say 'dog' or 'thank you in 26 languages and send us a video of you completing it!

5. A-Z scavenger hunt. Find something for each letter of the alphabet in your house or garden, and compete against different households, with everyone paying to take part and a prize for the winner

...or maybe you'd like to get physical

1. Get sponsored to take on 26 consecutive you tube workouts on April 26th

2. Throw some shapes and dance to 26 songs in a row

3. Complete 26 minutes hopping

4. Walk or run 26 laps of your garden

5. Climb your stairs 26 times - could you do this every 26 minutes or complete 26 flights 26 times?!

...or maybe get your dog on the job?

1. Get sponsored to complete 26 biscuit catches in a row

 2. or do they have a patience for a 26 second 'stay'?

3. Could they leap over 26 jumps?

4. Sponsored roll over 26 times? 

5. They would love a dash around 26 laps of your garden

OR if a challenge isn't for you, you can simply ask 26 friends to donate £1 to us
using Justgiving or VirginGiving.

Donate or fundraise with Justgiving

Donate or fundraise with Virgin Money Giving

What ever you do we are hugely grateful! You are amazing  and please do contact us if you need anything to help you achieve you target