Fundraising for Support Dogs

I am fundraising for Support Dogs...

Reimi's Cold Sea Challenge

Reimi Konda

I am a veterinary surgeon and also a dog lover. I've been interested in assistance dogs and their amazing abilities to help people. I'm particularly fascinated by the work you do in training seizure alert dogs and autism assistance dogs and wanted to do something to support the charity!

Team Willow Kids take on the 6k mucky pups walk

Emma Mills

Sam's life was changed by his autism assistance dog Willow! As a result the life of all of the family is so much better and now we have hope again. Sam and Willow are being joined by their friends and family who have all seen firsthand the amazing changes this charity has brought into our life and we want to help others have the same opportunity. The children taking part in this walk with Sam all have additional needs like Sam, please sponsor them as they are being so brave taking on this walk t

Alex and Chester’s 6k Mucky Pup Walk

Anna Duthie

Alex and Chester are raising funds and awareness to help other families like Support Dogs have helped us.

Alex and Chester love to walk but this challenge will be just that for Alex... a ‘strange’ place with lots of people and pups. It will be tough but he will do it with the support of Chester and those around him 🐾

Trevors doing a skydive

Trevor Eastland

Seeing how support dogs changes the lives of those dealing with Autism,Epilepsy,Disability by giving them the confidence and the ability to deal with the situation in safe way, by having notice from there dog.

Campbells do Gung Ho!

Gemma Campbell

The charity provides support dogs for children with autism to allow them to cope in social situations, medical alert dogs for people with epilepsy and dogs for people with disabilities, allowing them live more independent. Where possible they use and train dogs in need of loving homes too, rather then bred for purpose dogs.

Hounding The Nuclear Race

Ross Brooks

Because I felt was a worthwhile cause and I was totally unaware of dogs being trained for this purpose. I was in awe when I saw some videos and I felt doing a fundraising page was genuinely worthwhile.

Russell Richardson Colour Obstacle Rush

Gracie Smith

We are taking part in the Sheffield Colour Obstacle Rush 2019 for Support Dogs UK - We currently support Support Dogs UK with our continuous charity shred but want to take our fundraising to the next level.

Business Network Manchester 2019 Fundraiser

Steve Edge

To fund a dog for a year

Barbara & Mojo's legacy

Daniel Rapley

Mojo has been a great companion for my mum the past 9 years, not only emotionally but he had learnt to bring her items that she needed including remote,slippers and the post.

She always said that without him her problems would have been a lot harder to deal with, not only that but it was reassuring to know he was there when we had to work.


David Rhodes

Assist with supporting the vital work Support Dogs provides

Rob's Sheffield Half Marathon

Robert Hobson

In an attempt to run a full marathon in 2020 i'll be using Sheffield half marathon is a springboard . Whilst doing so I will be running for various charities along the way, starting with support dogs.