There are many ways to get involved with Support Dogs, no matter the size of your company.

By helping us to create life-changing partnerships you’ll also engage your staff, create some great local stories and transform the lives of adults and children living with autism, epilepsy and disability.

For more information about building life-changing partnerships contact Laura Baker, [email protected]

How your business can make a difference

You can follow one of our partnerships through regular updates and see the difference your donation makes, or sponsor our dogs in training and hear from a range of pups waiting to fulfil their potential.

By sponsoring a support dog from just £250 a year, you will get to know the impact our work through our pooches updates and photos. You will get materials to highlight your support including your own cuddly dog. We’ll always do our best to also visit in person…..and dog!

If your company has the capacity to make real difference to our work and the lives of those we help we would love to hear from you. Whether you could contribute to the £20,000 it costs to train a life changing support dog partnership, or perhaps partner the training of one of our puppies during their first year from £8000. Alternatively you may like to focus your support on a specific area of our work; our autism program, our epilepsy program, our work for those with physical disability or perhaps support our work training those dogs we train from rescue centres, giving them a second chance for a better life and to be heroes.

However way you choose we will be happy to work with you to ensure you have a real feel for the impact you make, raise awareness of your support and ensure we create a real partnership with you.

Staff fundraising
Corporate partnerships are about more than money, they are also about building your team’s connection with a cause they feel passionately about. As well as being great fun! Cake sales, dress down days, team walks and dogs a doughnut afternoons are just some of the ways you can raise funds for Support Dogs.  
Payroll giving
This is probably the easiest way to help us transform lives. Please  help us to promote to your staff the impact of signing up to a monthly pre-tax donation. It can turn £1.00 into £1.25! Support Dogs are able to claim 25% through tax on any donation made through payroll giving. To find out more about setting up payroll giving in your organisation CLICK HERE 
Making a show of your support

We want to work with you to create greater awareness of our work and your support for it, both to your staff and your customers. From working with you to develop great PR opportunities, to providing materials including posters, banners, all sorts of collection pots and cuddly support dogs for your buildings we will work with you to get the most of a relationship. Where we can will come in and speak to staff and get them involved in volunteering with the charity.

We have the support from so many wonderful organisations throughout the UK, some of those who have supported us on an ongoing basis. Thank you so much to all those organisations who make our work possible.