NEW FOR 2021! This Manx challenge offers an exciting circuit across the island, with fantastic support every step of the way.

Famous for motorcycle TT races, cats with no tails, and for not being part of the UK – it’s also a magnificent setting for an Ultra Challenge. We’ll have a major base-camp set up near Douglas, the Island’s Capital, with extensive camping & hospitality options, B&B’s close by, and a great opportunity to make a long August weekend of it. The figure of 8 full 100 km route will be a fantastic mix of coastal paths, inland trails, history, and some tough hills! 



    1. Charity Sponsorship – you pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the cost of your event place!
    2. Mixed Funding – pay half of the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less and we pay the balance of the event place cost.
    3. Self Fund – you pay the full cost of the event place - fundraise whatever you want, with no set target or deadline, and there’s no cost at all to the charity!