At Support Dogs, we do not use kennel facilities. We need our dogs to stay in a loving home environment throughout their training period. So our volunteer foster carers are absolutely vital for us to be able to provide this and continue our work.

We are always seeking new foster carers and have two types of foster care roles available: evening/weekend foster caring and stay-at-home foster caring.

Evening and weekend foster caring

This role is an ideal solution to someone who would like a pet dog but due to their own work commitments cannot take on the full responsibility of ownership. The evening and weekend foster care involves looking after our dogs in training at evenings and weekends – the dogs ‘come into school’ Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00.

This role also allows the foster carer to take their regular holidays. We will arrange alternative temporary foster cares for the dog whilst the usual foster carer goes on holiday or has other commitments.

Stay-at-home foster carers

For this role we need foster carers who are at home during the day. In this role the foster carer will be providing care for dogs who a specific period are unable to go to our training centre each day to start or continue their training. This is often because the dog needs a longer settling in period before starting training or is recovering following medical treatment or a vaccination.

What we look for in our foster carers

We are looking for volunteers who:

  1. Enjoy the company of dogs, and are able care for their well-being
  2. Are able to provide adequate exercise as discussed with trainer.
  3. Are able and willing to get the dog to a vet in a case of emergency
  4. Have an fully enclosed garden
  5. Agree to ensure the dog follows the diet as specifically advised by the trainer.
  6. Understand the importance of informing our trainers of any changes or concerns with behaviour and health no matter how small.                                                        
  7. Are able to attend occasional foster carer training sessions.
  8. Offer a loving, safe and fun environment for our dogs
  9. Are able to drop off and pick up the dog from the training centre or be able to leave a key with the training team to pick up and drop off at your home.
  10. Unfortunately we cannot consider homes with other pet dogs. We will however consider homes with cats or other pets. 

Families with children are welcome, but there must be no children under two years of age living in the household.

How to apply to be a volunteer foster carer

We would love to hear from you. Please click here to register your interest in becoming a volunteer foster carer. Our team will then be in touch with more information.