Kenzo Amariyo

It costs around £36,000 to train one support dog from start through to retirement and with no government grants, Support Dogs relies on donations.

Support Dogs state that:

"£10 is the cost per day of one working assistance dog
£25 keeps owners and dogs safe with leads, collars and identity discs
£50 means dogs are visible with jackets and specialised harnesses
£100 ensures dogs are safely spayed or neutered
£500 brings partnerships together through client/dog assessment
£1,000 means our clients have somewhere to sleep when they come to our centre for training
£2,000 will pay for a whole year of on-going support to a working support dog
£20,000 is how much it costs to train a support dog from assessment to graduation."

I have needed a powered wheelchair since 2016 and I know only too well how important a trained dog is and how much it can change the life of a disabled person. I know because I know how my dog has changed my life. It has given me some of my independence back, it has boosted my confidence and has made my disability much more bearable.

There is approximately 13.9 million disabled people in the UK (according to google search) not all of them require a Support Dog, but many of them would benefit greatly. Unfortunately, many will never get the chance to enjoy a Support Dog, why? simply because of money. With limited funds, organisations such as Support Dogs are very limited to how many disabled people they can help.

We can all be the difference and help, you can be the difference simply by donating today. Whether you donate £1 or £1,000,000 it will always be appreciated and will be a great help.

Kenzo Amariyo