With Eurovision cancelled, why not organise your own event online! Be this a talent show, karaoke, or your very own Eurovision, ask people to donate for your efforts, charge an entry fee or even pay to vote for the winner!

Hints and tips for your event:

  • Karaoke
    • Livestream yourself singing along to your favourite tracks using facebook live or Houseparty
    • Why not ask people to suggest tracks for you to sing for a donation.
    • Get your friends and family involved!
  • Talent Contest
    • Get your friends, family and colleagues to upload their entries to Youtube (you can keep your videos private so only people a direct link can see them if you like!)
    • Set up a fundraising page and ask people to vote for their favourite for a donation
  • Lip-sync content
    • Upload to Youtube or facebook a video of yourself lip-synching to your favouirte tracks and get your friends and family to do the same.
    • Set up an online donation page and ask people to pay to vote for the winner.
    • We strongly recommend added points for costume!

If you want to link your online streaming page directly to a fundraising page then click here. When you click  you’ll be redirected to GivePenny – where you can set up your fundraising page, start planning your challenge, and tell all your friends and family to get behind you! You can link your Youtube account to your page so everyone can watch your progress.  

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on [email protected]  We would love to see and hear about your plans!

Remember - you don't need to be the next Elton John or Lady Gaga to take part, in fact why not dress up and do a Stars in Your Eyes event!