A tiny, life-changing dog trained by Support Dogs will star in a new CBeebies series about superhero hounds called Dog Squad.

Starting in November on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer, Dog Squad follows five dogs as they complete daily missions for their owners in a new hybrid live action and animated show that shows off their life-changing abilities.

Bringing a new breed of superheroes to pre-schoolers and their families, Dog Squad is based on the real experience of assistance dog owners and follows each dog on heart-warming and funny everyday adventures.

One of the working dogs is Tinks, a disability assistance dog trained by Support Dogs for client Charli, a young woman with a progressive genetic condition who uses a wheelchair.

The fluffy Llasa Apso has transformed Charli’s life by providing invaluable practical support, which is replicated in Dog Squad, showcasing her skills at fetching help, picking up dropped items and generally helping Charli cope with everyday scenarios.

The show is a unique way of understanding and recognising the work of assistance dogs.

Danny Anderson, fundraising manager for Support Dogs, whose training centre is in Brightside, said: “We’re delighted that CBeebies chose one of our dogs to take part in Dog Squad.

“Tinks is already a bit of a mini superstar at the charity and it’s great that wider audiences will get to see what she can do for Charli. We hope the show will shine a light on our life-transforming work and our amazing dogs, helping children and adults with epilepsy, autism and physical disability.”

Jayne Austin, Producer, Hello Halo, says: “It’s been an incredible experience working with the charities, owners and an array of amazing vocal talent to bring these dogs and their stories to life. We can’t wait for our young audience to see the results.”

Support Dogs is a national charity that trains assistance dogs for people with epilepsy, autism, and a range of serious medical conditions, enabling them to lead safer, more independent lives.

  • Dog Squad airs on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer from Monday November 7.