A better life for Brogan

Seizure alert dog Wadsley is helping Brogan Evans to get back to the lifestyle she enjoyed before she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Read more

Support Dogs - Our response to Covid-19

The families our charity supports are those with health conditions that mean they are among the most at risk from Covid-19. We are working hard to provide more support than ever through this emergency. Read more

Willow the autism assistance dog supporting Sam through the Covid-19 emergency

The story of Sam Mills and the wonderful support his Autism Assistance dog Willow is providing through the Covid-19 emergency featured on BBC 1's The Big Night In Read more

Alan finds puppy love with Buddy - and Walter

Dog-loving puppy socialiser Alan is loving playing his part in bringing up life-changing support dogs of the future. Read more

Second time lucky for disability client Trisha

What’s it like when your beloved assistance dog has to retire and you have to form a brand new relationship with a new pooch? It’s something that many of Support Dogs' clients have to come to terms with. Read more

Our pride in donating our dog to become a life-saver

A family of dog lovers who gave up their beloved Labrador because of the ill-health of their youngest daughter are sharing in his success as a fully-qualified support dog. Read more

Dual-hero hound Wolfy is working wonders

All Support Dogs are special, but Wolfy’s dual role as a seizure alert and guide dog makes him even more of a hero hound. Read more

Support dog Casper - the perfect match for former soldier John

Ex soldier with MS finds the perfect canine companion in support dog Casper. Read more

Big Dave takes over the ‘heavy lifting’ from pint-sized pooch Baby

Dave is providing invaluable help  for Kathy, who has been in a wheelchair since having both legs amputated above the knee almost 30 years ago. Read more

Spot the unusual support dog - Digby the Dalmatian

Digby the Dalmatian has the kind of head-turning good looks that make him stand out from the pack. But there’s more to Digby than just his spots. He’s the first dog of his breed to qualify as an assistance dog with Support Dogs. Read more

Sheila’s support dogs:  helping her make the most of life

Seventy-three-year-old Sheila Craik credits her two support dogs with helping her through some of the worst times of her life. Read more

Chester: making a difference to Alex – just by being Chester…

Autism assistance dog Chester is transforming the world for eight-year-old Alex, from near Leeds. Mum Anna explains the enormous impact the black Labrador is having on her son’s life. Read more