Our charity relies entirely on voluntary donations. One hundred per cent of every penny you donate to us will be used to improve the lives of those affected by some of the most serious medical conditions and to help grow our charity so that we can help even more families, individuals and dogs in the future.

All our charity's services are provided entirely free of charge to those who need them. 

What your support means to us
It takes up to two years and approximately £20,000 to train a Support Dogs' partnership. Once that partnership has qualified we provide ongoing 24/7 365 days a year support throughout an average eight-year working career.

The following is to give you an idea of what your donation could mean to our charity

£10 is the cost per day of one working assistance dog
£25 keeps owners and dogs safe with leads, collars and identity discs
£50 means dogs are visible with jackets and specialised harnesses
£100 ensures dogs are safely spayed or neutered
£500 brings partnerships together through client/dog assessment
£1,000 means our clients have somewhere to sleep when they come to our centre for training
£2,000 will pay for a whole year of on-going support to a working support dog
£20,000 is how much it costs to train a support dog from assessment to graduation.

Where our funding comes from (2017/18 figures) 

Where we spend our money(2018/19 figures)

You can also learn more about our charity by reading our annual review and our latest financial accounts.