Over the past 32 years approximately 1 in 4 of our Support Dogs have joined us from rescue centres or as unwanted pets.

During covid our work with rescue centres had to take a bit of a back seat, but this year we have been able to begin building this back up again and have appointed Bronte as a member of our team dedicated to this role.
Bronte explains:“I think there’s a big misconception that unwanted pet dogs and rescue dogs are a lost cause or have a lot of behavioural issues and are a bit difficult to manage,” said Bronte.

“What we can do as a charity is highlight that that’s not always the case – there are a lot of dogs with really great potential, and with the right training, they can potentially go on to do really incredible things. As a charity, we are able to offer that dog a second chance in a home environment where they are loved, really appreciated and well-cared for and on top of that, they are doing a job that’s purposeful and really enjoyable.”

She added: “Some of our dogs out working are from pet homes where the owner could no longer care for them. If there are people out there who aren’t in a position to keep their dog, but really care about where it goes and that it goes to the right place where it’s going to be cared for and looked after, this is a good opportunity. If successful, often they get the added benefit of following their journey through their working life.”

We are now looking for more volunteers available during the day to provide a loving homes for these older dogs while they are in assessment and early stages of training with the charity. If you could help please visit www.supportdogs.org.uk/volunteer or email [email protected]