Meet Cobble. Cobble provides life saving support everyday, for his owner by alerting her before every epileptic seizure she has. 

Cobble is an epilepsy seizure alert dog, trained by Support Dogs. We are facing an overwhelming demand for our services and need your help this Christmas to help more families and save more lives. Your donation can help us to continue our vital work transforming the lives of children and adults affected by autism, epilepsy, and disability.

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The rising costs we are all facing is having a real impact on small charity’s like Support Dogs. But you can help. Your donation can make real change.

Our work is vital. It saves lives. It also saves the NHS an estimated £19 million a year. For those living with long-term conditions the NHS is currently able to provide an average of four hours of support a year per individual. Our support dogs provide an average of 8,000 hours a year of care per individual. We want to grow, and we want to be able to continue help more families.

We are small, straightforward charity. When you donate, we simply use those donations to train more dogs and help more people.

This is what your donation can mean:

- Our charity saves the NHS an estimated £19 million a year, A donation of just £20 can support the training of a seizure alert dog to provide a 100% reliable up to 1 hour warning before every epileptic seizure.

- Our support dogs provide over 8,000 of care per client with a long term health condition per year. A £35 donation would help to enable us to teach a support dog to raise the alarm during an emergency

- A 100% of parents of a child with autism, said their child was safer and better able to visit new places thanks to their support dog. A £35 donation will fund the equipment needed for a support dogs to keep a child safe

 - 1 in 4 of our the dogs we train join us from rescue centres or as unwanted pets. A donation of £100 could pay for a month of charity’s health and welfare costs for a dog while in training to become a life changing support dogs

You can donate in a number of ways:

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- You can send a cheque or postal order payable to Support Dogs to: Support Dogs, 21 Jessops Riverside, Brightside Lane, Sheffield, S9 2RX

- You can also make a donation over the 'phone by speaking to us on 0114 261 7800 (Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm)

You can also sponsor one of our support dogs

More information about how we use donations made to our charity can be read here