We have temporarily paused volunteer recruitment. We hope to resume recruitment soon, so check back often.

About the role

As an adult dog socialiser you will play a vital role in our dogs' lives, caring for an adult dog in your home and providing them with the socialisation and basic obedience training they will need before they start full time training as a support.

This is a unique opportunity to not only care for a lovely dog but also for you to make a significant contribution in changing the lives of people affected by autism, epilepsy and disability.


Who are we looking for

For this role we need volunteers who have time to be able to commit to training and helping the dog develop, while also ensuring the dog is not left alone for more than four hours in a day.

You would be providing care for an older dog (generally between 12 months and 2 year old), which, for various reasons has not yet started its formal training.

This is often because the dog is new to the charity and is undergoing its initial assessment to determine if it is suitable for what we need.  They may also have passed their initial assessment but are too young to go into full-time training or are waiting for a space to become available. This means the time an adult dog will need to be with their socialisers can vary from dog to dog.

Assessment dogs and those who have recently passed their initial assessment may require a bit more input, attention and training than other dogs that have already started their formal training. This is where the adult dog socialiser would help, getting them prepared and ready for when they start full-time training. You will receive full support and guidance from our training team throughout this process.


Key criteria for volunteers 

  • Live within an hour’s drive of our training centre in Sheffield
  • Enjoy the company of dogs, and are able care for their well-being
  • Have a fully-enclosed garden
  • Agree to ensure the dog follows the diet specifically advised by the trainer
  • Are able to attend foster carer training sessions and workshops
  • Offer a loving, safe and fun environment for our dogs
  • Ideally be able to help with picking up and dropping off the dog at the training centre.
  • We will consider families with pets including other dogs, but they will be assessed on an individual basis to their suitability to live with one of our dogs and must be up to date with their annual vaccinations, including kennel cough and flea and worming treatment. Other pets are welcomed but will also be assessed on an individual basis
  • Willing to take part and follow the training advice given by your trainer
  • Dogs must not be left alone for longer than four hours in one day.
  • Families with older children are welcome, but there must be no children under two years of age living in the household
  • You must be allowed to have a dog in your home – we will need written permission if it is rented accommodation
  • We are not able to consider families with someone who has uncontrolled epilepsy living in the home
  • If you are on the waiting list for any of our programmes for an assistance dog, unfortunately we are unable to accept applications to become a adult dog socialiser


How to apply to be an adult dog socialiser

Click here to register your interest in being an adult dog socialiser

A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.