Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone. The families our charity supports are those with health conditions that mean they are among the most at risk from Covid-19. We are working hard to provide more support than ever through this emergency.

Our work is vital. It saves lives and it also saves the NHS over £19million a year. Yet we rely entirely, 100% on voluntary donations.

The past year has brought unique challenges to all our lives. Our charity has been operating for almost 30 years but have never had to carry out our life-saving work in an environment as difficult as this.

Despite the current challenges, we are dedicated to continuing to care for our existing clients while ensuring more and more people benefit from our life changing services. We continue to maintain our services in any way we can through the coronavirus pandemic, but as a small charity this is only possible thanks to the wonderful help of our dedicated volunteers and supporters.

Our emergency response
We have developed some emergency adaptations to our services to respond to Covid-19 crisis. This includes:

Expanding our telephone service
To help tackle isolation and ensure the individuals and families we support receive the care they need, we are increasing the frequency of our phone call our support team make, especially to our most vulnerable clients.

Focusing our outreach training support programme
We are committed to continuing to support more families despite this crisis and so our Support Dog training team are changing the ways they can provide this. Our team are focused on supporting people who have recently been matched but still undergoing training with their new support dog. To those finding themselves adapting to life with a support dog while also adapting to the added restrictions their health condition may bring to life under lock down. Our dedicated team work with each individual to provide daily support to enable their support dog to flourish and give them the care they need to stay well.

Developing our digital support and education provision
So much of our work has traditionally been done face to face, but this must change. We are now using digital tools to run online training sessions and share our 30 years of knowledge and experience with assistance dogs. This is not just for the families we support but also with our over 100 volunteers who are currently locked down at home with a trainee support dog or puppy. This is helping to ensure Covid-19 does not hinder or delay their progress to becoming a fully trained life -saving support dog

Fundraising is really difficult right now. All our fundraising events have been cancelled and of course so many of our regular donors are struggling financially themselves at the moment. As a small charity, our resources to compete with much larger charities in highlighting the value, the importance and the need for our work is very limited.

From those who have continued to dedicate their time to foster and care for our dogs in training and of our newest pups, to those who continue to donate and raise vital funds for us at this worrying time, we are deeply grateful.

If you would like to consider supporting our work then we would be so grateful. Do please follow the links at the top of this page

Thank you so much

Rita Howson
Chief Executive