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Important information about the application process

Please ensure you have downloaded an information pack and checked you meet the criteria for the disability assistance programme. Then register your interest in the programme using the button above. 

Please note: We  normally train dogs aged between 1 and 3 years. Sadly due to the impact of the Covid pandemic we are currently dealing with a huge backlog of applications and so currently can only accept new applications for dogs aged between one and two years of age. We of course aim to increase this as our resources and capacity allow.

There are 5 key steps to the application process:

1. Download an information pack to check you meet our criteria

2. Apply using the button above

3. We will check you meet the criteria. If so you will be invited to an information day. 

  • candidates for the information day will be chosen by ballot
  • chosen candidates will be contacted to confirm that all required criteria are met and details for accessing the information day will be provided
  • if you are unsuccessful will be notified via email

4. Attend one of our information days:

  • held via Zoom. (If you are unable to access zoom then please let us know so that we can discuss alternative options)
  • opportunity for you to find out more about Support Dogs, how the programme can support you, and tell us more about your circumstances
  • held three to four times per year and have a very limited number of spaces

5. Complete the full application form that will be given to to you after the information day. Please note it is essential that you attend our information day as you will be given information about the next stages of the application and assessment process and those that are eligible and suitable for the programme will be moved onto the next stage of the process.