Epilepsy is the most common neurological illness, with over 600,000 cases in the UK. Thirty per cent of people with epilepsy are unable to control their seizures through medication. Instead they live with the fear of an oncoming seizure which can occur at any time. This fear affects everything they do, limiting their independence and ability to live an active life.

Support Dogs relies entirely on voluntary donations to provide this support. You can make a donation to our charity here to help us continue providing our life-changing support.

Seizure alert dogs are trained to provide a 100% reliable warning up to 1 hour in advance of an oncoming seizure. They give time for their owner to find a place of safety and privacy as they have their seizure.

Around 1,000 people with epilepsy die each year and research suggests that most of these deaths are sudden and unexpected. The warning provided by a seizure alert dog means that a client can remove themselves from any danger and have a seizure in a safe environment.

With the confidence that they will be alerted in advance of any seizure, our clients are able to live more independently. Day-to-day tasks, including going to the shops, cooking, ironing and having a bath, which would previously have been hazardous, are now manageable on their own and in safety.

Support Dogs is the only organisation in the UK to provide and train seizure alert dogs.

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