We have a flexible approach to working with businesses of all sizes and want to work with you to engage your support in the most effective and personable way.

Smaller businesses support us from just £250 a year with the sponsorship of support dog partnership working in their local area. However if your company has the capacity to make a more significant difference to our work and the lives of those we help, then there is wide range of ways you can get involved. 
Charity of the year with Support Dogs
Whether you could contribute to the £20,000 it costs to train a life changing support dog partnership, or perhaps partner the training of one of our puppies during their first year from £8000. For these larger amounts of support we can also look to name a support dog puppy in recognition of the contribution you have made.

Alternatively you may like to focus your support on a specific area of our work; our autism program, our epilepsy program, our work for those with physical disability or perhaps support our work training those dogs we train from rescue centres, giving them a second chance for a better life and to be heroes.

However way you choose we will be happy to work with you. We have a flexible way of working with businesses and whether if it is financial support, donations of product or pro-bono support with services we will ensure you have a real feel for the impact you make, raise awareness of your support and ensure we create a real partnership with you.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 0114 261 7800 to find out more