21 years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy. 9mth pregnant sat on the settee and woke up 5 days later with a baby laid next to me. My seizures weren’t nice and with a new baby, and also split from my partner. With being in and out of hospital and my seizures getting worse someone suggested a support dog to help and by then my son was older. I Applied but unfortunately back then Support Dogs were very view and far between , so I always said when I could I would donate money to them.

Over the years my epilepsy hasn’t been great but compared to some definitely not complaining.
So I got Alfie instead he is absolutely Amazing ! he always here for me he licks my face when I fit , even gets my mail ! love him so much.
About 5 years ago started crafting found it calmed me so now I have plucked up the courage to go on YouTube after every time I go to do a craft fair I can’t do it due to anxiety but not letting it beat me and want to do this !!
I know it will be ok as Alfie is with me by my side really hope you can donate something so someone else can have a trained Alfie by their side.
You Will make a difference to someone’s life.
Do it today..
Thank you 🙏

Anna and Alfie 🐶 Anna Leggot