Sam was diagnosed with autism aged 5, followed shortly after by depression and anxiety at just 6 years of age. Sam's life spiralled downwards due to his autism and the difficulties he faced in daily life. Sam;s struggles came to a peak when he could no longer leave the house, never felt safe, never felt happy and lost his smile. The whole family was being torn apart, family life wasn't possible, it was heartbreaking to be unable to help your child have fun and be happy. Sam's sister Ellie suffered as we could never go out as a family. Sam was not safe when he was out as he would run away and with no danger awareness he could run in front of traffic or out of sight of his family. Then in 2017 Willow entered Sam's life and life began again!! Sam started to smile, he started to play again and slowly but surely over the past 18 months Sam's life has improved so much and the family as a whole can now do things together that are just normal every day things like bowling, swimming, holidays but to us are so special and huge achievements! Sam has gone from a very unhappy boy trapped at home to a young man who with willow by his side has conquered so many fears, who is back in school full time, who plays laughs smiles, who is safe and who is turning into a young man with hope for an independent future. Because of Willow Sam has his childhood back and can explore the world and all it has to offer. As a family and supported by our lovely friends and family we want to raise money to help support dogs keep changing people's lives.

Emma Mills