Could you walk or run for 900 metres, 9km or 9 miles? Can you get 9 friends together for a sing along? We are asking you to sign up for the K9 Challenge during September in whatever way suits you best. You can be as creative as you like, just stick to the number 9 be this 9 minutes, 9 hours or 99 reps. The ideas and options are endless!

How to get involved

  • Come up with your own K9 Challenge
    • Choose your own activity. Anything goes, just stick to the 9 theme.



  • Spread the word with family, friends and colleagues. Get as much sponsorship as you can and encourage others to join you or do their own K9 Challenge.

  • And Go…! Do your challenge any time during September.

Contact us using the link below for more information or do discuss your ideas.

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