When a new puppy or dog in training joins Support Dog, we love to give them a whole load of goodies so that they can settle into their puppy socialisers or foster carers homes, learn, relax and importantly play! Could you make snuffle mats or pull toys so that each of our pups has something new of their own? 

Once you have made your creations, please get in touch with us on [email protected] to arrange to drop them off or post them to us. 

Snuffle mat

Snuffle mats are a brilliant enrichment tool to to keep our dogs content, occupied and learning. Our dogs will have a great time sniffing out treats hidden inside.

Snuffle mats are easy to make. You just need:

  • A fleecy throw, jumper or some felt
  • sharp scissors
  • a rubber shower mat or outdoor rubber mat with holes.

 Four simple steps to make a snuffle mat.

1. Cut the fleece into long strips, about 5cm wide.  Step 1 - Cut the fleece into strips 

Knot the strips through each hole of the garden mat. The longer the strips, the longer it will take for your dog to find the treats!

 Step 2 - Knot the strips through each hole of the mat 
3. Keep going to fill all the holes – it takes a little while!  Keep going until all the holes are filled 
4. When the strands are completed, bury tiny morsels
of food into the strands, and then watch your dog having   
a good time getting them all out. 
 Step 4 - bury food in the strands for your dog to find 

Pulls toys

'Pull' is one of the first commands our dogs learn and it all starts with a good old game of tug! We use pull toys in play and training, building from a game to opening doors, opening the washing machine and even pulling off socks!

Pull toys are simple to make, it is simply a matter of weaving and knotting material together. You'll need

  • Polar fleece or a sturdy alternative material cut into 4 long narrow strips appromiately 6-8cmx2m strips. Make sure that any material will not shred into pieces that will be dangerous if ingested. 
  • Scissors
  • How to make a DIY square knot dog tug toy using fleece

Weaving the pull toy.

  • Knot one end securely, leaving a “tassel” at the end. 
  • Weave the fleece using a square knot technique 
    • Spread the strips in a cross (+) shape. 
    • Fold the top strip towards the bottom. 
    • Fold the bottom strip towards the top. 
    • Fold the right strip towards the left, passing over then under.
    • Fold the left strip towards the right, passing over then under.
    • Pull to secure 
  • Repeat until you are approaching the end. Not too close – see tips below. The top/bottom left/right pattern will cycle naturally from side-to-side with each knot.
  • Loop and knot securely, leaving a “tassel” at the end.
  • Trim excess fabric if/as needed.

Thanks to www.dalmatiandiy.com/ and www.dogstrust.org.uk for their briliant instructions!