Dave is a disability assistance dog providing life-changing support to his owner on Merseyside . He is a Labrador and his birthday is 16th September 

He is a busy support dog, supporting his owner to go to work and conferences across the country. When he isn't working, he loves to meet up with his best pal Kevin (also a support dog) , run and play. Dave is often at events representing Support Dogs so keep an eye out for him! 

Sponsor Dave here from £5 a month


Sponsor Dave as a gift from £60 for 12 months

By sponsoring Dave you will help to transform the lives of children with autism and adults with epilepsy and physical disability. 

You'll receive our fantastic welcome pack including a sponsorship certificate and a cuddly toy support dog. We'll also send 3 pup-cards a year. Or make it an extra lovely surprise with the pack delivered in a special gift box with a personal note from you inside.