Meet our heroes in training! These amazing pups are currently in their first stage of training to become a support dog.

Sponsor our puppies for yourself


Sponsor our puppies as a gift

Before they are 18 months old, they will learn the social skills all support dogs need, exploring new places and experiencing new things. From aged 18 months upwards they will attend 'school' at our centre and get to grips with the tasks they will use in their life-changing jobs. 

Importantly, our puppies love to have fun and have puppy down time. Free runs in the woods, playing with toys, jumping for balls, splashing in rivers, you name it, they love it! 

By sponsoring our pups you will help to transform the lives of children with autism and adults with epilepsy and physical disability. 

You'll receive our fantastic welcome pack including a sponsorship certificate and a cuddly toy support dog. We'll also send 3 pup-cards a year. Or make it an extra lovely surprise with the pack delivered in a special gift box with a personal note from you inside.