Climbing the height of Kilimanjaro on the stairs is a huge physical feat, but for Brogan, this challenge has a much bigger significance. Only three years ago Brogan was unable to use the stairs at all due to the huge risk of her having an epileptic seizure and falling, something which happened multiple times.

Before wonder-dog Wadsley came into her life, Brogan  was struggling to cope with up to four seizures a day.

“My life before Wadsley was miserable; says Brogan. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t have a bath or a shower in case I had a seizure and drowned or fell and banged my head. I couldn’t cook or leave the house; so many of things that people take for granted I wasn’t allowed to do any more. “

Now Brogan is safe in the knowledge that Wadsley will give her a 100 per cent 48-minute advance warning of an oncoming epileptic seizure. As well as gaining profound peace of mind, Brogan has been able to resume an her active lifestyle and can now go swimming and climbing mountains.

 Climbing the height of Kilimanjaro marks the end of the first leg of an epic triathlon Brogan is taking on to raise funds for our work. You can keep up to date with the next stage of her challenge here