Burns Pet Nutrition has been providing disability assistance dog Tinks with enough fuel to handle her new-found stardom.

The Lhasa Apso – trained by Support Dogs - has become quite the household name since featuring on the first series of Cbeebies show Dog Squad. Fans young and old are now stopping the pooch and her owner, Charli Colquhoun, in places like supermarkets, asking: “Is that Tinks?” and wanting photographs taken with her.

The two stars are now set for further fame, as they have just wrapped up filming for a second series of the popular show.

The programme, which combines live action and animation, focuses on Tinks – voiced by Gavin & Stacey actress Joanna Page - and four other working dogs as they demonstrate their ‘superpowers’ to help their owners with a series of tasks.

Tinks, who celebrated her sixth birthday recently with doggy cake and a trip to see comedian Jack Whitehall with Charli, has a special power of Super Fetch. This series, each dog will have their own episode, before they all appear in a Christmas special. Charli and Tinks have been filming in Glasgow.

The 38-year-old, who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes hypermobile, painful joints and fatigue, and is a wheelchair user, said: “She’s loving all the attention and can be a bit of a diva. She got spotted by a few people when we were out and about in Glasgow.”

Charli added that she was also enjoying the experience, as she used to work in television production, saying: “It’s weird being the talent rather than the crew, but it’s cool.

“We’re so excited to be doing more filming – it’s a fantastic way to spread the word about the exceptional work that disability assistance dogs do.”

She said that the filming schedule meant the days were long, especially for someone with her condition and for a dog the size of Tinks, with the pair getting up at 6.30am and not getting back to their hotel until 7pm. But she added: “It’s difficult, but they’ve managed to schedule it so we have a few days off in between.

“Everyone on the production team absolutely loves Tinks – they love to give her her favourite treat of sausage, though she’s only allowed one, maybe two. She also likes a big chicken breast with a bit of sausage on the side. And Burns Pet Nutrition is perfect to help keep Tinks going throughout a busy day of filming.”

Award-winning Burns Pet Nutrition has been partnered with Support Dogs for 10 years and supplies 3,500 tonnes of food for Support Dogs in training each year.

The products, developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns BVMS MRCVS, are made from the highest quality ingredients and are free from any pharmacologically active supplements.

Charli, who lives in Paddington, London, added: “Burns Pet Nutrition comes in a range of flavours, including Free Range Chicken with Carrots and Brown Rice, or Pork & Potato, so Tinks just laps it up. The chicken, carrots and brown rice variety, in particular, promotes healthy joints and helps maintain cognitive function, helping Tinks to concentrate on not just everyday tasks but also what’s needed during filming. She’s way more professional than me – she does everything in one take, maybe two!”

To find out how Burns can help keep your pet happy and healthy, visit www.burnspet.co.uk