We were thrilled when two students from St Andrews Prep School in Eastbourne choose to nominate us for their Headmasters Award and even more delighted when they said they had won! They have kindly written to us to tell us more.

We are Harry and Maya and we go to St Andrews Prep School in Eastbourne. This year we have taken part in our Headmaster’s Challenge. All the pupils in year 7 were given £10 each and asked to grow a business and hopefully make a profit from that money.


Our business idea was called Tasty Homemade Bakes which involved us doing lots of baking. Everything was homemade and included biscotti, cake pops and red velvet cupcakes. During the challenge we made over 620 baked items including 264 biscotti and 120 red velvet cupcakes. From our initial £20 investment we made £338.10 of profit. Altogether, from an initial investment £420 our school made £5735.


The next step was the philanthropy phase. All the teams that wanted to could bid for the charity of their choice, by presenting to the headmaster and 2 of the governors. We chose the Support Dogs charity, because one of Harry’s family friends has autism and has a support dog from your charity called Walter. Harry saw what amazing work you do and we wanted to support your charity, so you could help more people with your incredible work.


We learned at prize giving that we were very fortunate to come joint first and were able to donate an amazing £1300 the Support Dogs charity.

 Maya Goswami and Harry Benson

Thanks Maya and Harry, without the support of wonderful people like you we would not be able to carry out our life-changing work.