This year, our charity has battled to ensure that we are able to continue to give the support needed to those families living with autism, epilepsy and a wide range physical disabilities in this extremely challenging time.

The pandemic has brought back much of the uncertainty, isolation and fear many of the families lived with before their support dog came into their life.

A forgotten reality

Statistics showing how three people every day in the UK die from epileptic seizures, the huge impact that autism has on a family’s mental and physical health, and the isolation that so many living with physical disabilities feel, have simply not disappeared.

This is why we have focused our resources and redoubled our commitment to help and improve and save the lives of those affected by these conditions, despite the challenges we are facing.
Our work is vital. It saves lives and it also saves the NHS over £19 million a year. We are a small charity and rely entirely, 100% on voluntary donations. Fundraising is very hard at the moment and our income has dropped by almost 40% over this year.

The support you give lives on
The support that we are providing today is thanks to the incredible gifts our donors have made to our charity over the past 12 months. It has been invaluable and we are so grateful.

We know that life is difficult. If you are able and would like to donate and help us again at this time, we would be hugely grateful. It is so vital to those living with autism, epilepsy or disability who we support now and beyond this pandemic. 

Please donate so we can transform the lives of more families affected by epilepsy, autism and disability.

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