Whether affected by autism, epilepsy or disability a support dog can have a life changing impact on more than just the individual they are partnered with. They can mean a world of difference to the entire family. 

This autumn Brogan Evans and her epilepsy seizure alert dog Wadsley will celebrate with their graduation ceremony after completing their training as a support dog partnership. Not only does Wadsley give Brogan a 100% reliable 48 minute warning before all her seizures, he give Brogan’s partner the confidence and security to know that their loved one will be safe and they able to return to work. This impact is echoed by our clients from all our programmes as they talk about the reduced anxiety, stress and dependency felt by their partners, friends and family thanks to their support dog.


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For those affected by autism, epilepsy or a physical disability our work is life changing. Almost 5000 families have contacted us in 2019 in urgent need of our services. Any donation you can make will save lives and make huge difference to children, adults and families living with autism, epilepsy and a wide range of physical conditions.

Our services are completely free to those who require them, but we rely  entirely, 100%, on voluntary donations.

Please donate so we can transform the lives of more families affected by epilepsy, autism and disability.

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