We feel there are many dogs out there that have huge potential to become support dogs. We are champions for dogs who need a second chance. We source many dogs from owners who sadly are needing to rehome their dog because of unforeseen circumstances or from rescue centres and council pounds.

Do you have a dog that needs rehoming?
Our charity is actively seeking dogs that need rehoming either from a pet home or a rescue centre, that might have the potential to become a support dog.

If you own or know of a dog
aged between 10 months to 3 years old that is in need of a new home and might have the potential to become a life changing support dog please get in touch

What are we looking for?
Here are some basic guidelines in what we are looking for when considering to accept a dog for initial assessment as a support dog

  • We consider most breeds. There are some restrictions; However, we are very open-minded
  • Confident, friendly with people
  • Motivated for food/toys
  • No aggression
  • No possessiveness
  • No health problems
  • No major fears/phobias
  • Friendly with other dogs (bonus if they like other animals too)
  • Location – preferably close but anywhere in the UK. If they are further than 3 hours away from our centre in Sheffield then we may ask you to send some videos of the dog first.

What happens if I think my dog meets your criteria?

Please firstly complete our initial interest form.

Once we have received this, we will review and then get in touch to ideally organise to meet you and your dog. When we meet with you we then do a final check to make sure your dog matches our criteria.

If following this meeting we believe the dog is suitable, we will ask to take the dog with us for an assessment period of up to 4 weeks.

The Assessment Period
This assessment period will look at the dog’s confidence, ability to learn and how it interacts with its handler.  During the assessment period the dog will live into the loving home of our one of kind volunteers. The dog will not spend a single night in a kennel.

We give dogs every opportunity to show us their learning ability and how they will cope with a change in routine. If sadly the dog does not appear to be suitable after this assessment period, we will ask for the dog to be returned to you. We will ensure that you have plenty of advance warning before we return the dog, so that a plan can be put into place for the dogs return.   

The more history we have on the dog, the better, so we can place it with the correct foster carer.  They will undergo an assessment period of up to 4 weeks.  The owner (or rescue centre) will get updates of how the dog is progressing. 

During the assessment period we will provide: 

  • A loving foster home. We also ensure the dogs are never left for more than 4 hours during a 24 hour period.  This really helps dogs with any separation anxieties
  • Food, toys and bedding- basically anything the dog needs to settle into its new environment
  • Vet visits, we will get the dog to a vet within 24 hours of coming into our care. They will receive an overall health check.  We will provide them with flea and worming treatment during this period.  Any other vet care will also be provided should it be required

Joining our training programme

If the dog has a successful trial period with us, they will be accepted onto our full training program and we will organise for our charity to take full ownership of the dog from you. Should you want to keep up-to-date with the dog’s journey in becoming an support dog, after this point, then we will be delighted to help.