It doesn’t matter that the stamps have already been used or what class they are, by donating them to Support Dogs, you can raise vital funds for our charity.

Simply follow these steps:

1 – Please complete the form below to automatically receive the address to send your stamps. 

2 – Start collecting your used stamps from letters, parcels and postcards, leaving a 1CM border around them

3 – Evenly pack your stamps into an envelope and send them to the address provided. You don’t need to worry about sorting your stamps, as that is done at the other end!

4 – Pop them in the post when they’re full.

I'd like to recycle stamps for Support Dogs

If you already have a large amount of stamps, please contact us and we can arrange these to be collected from you free of charge.

If you have valuable or rare stamps please include a note with your stamps as these will be valued.