Sheila’s support dogs:  helping her make the most of life

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A better life for Brogan

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Chester: making a difference to Alex – just by being Chester…

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Lovable Labrador Iggy turns Louis’ life around

Partnerships like Louis and his autism assistance dog Iggy are benefiting from a national fundraising campaign by media and entertainment group Global. The Make Some Noise campaign is raising awareness and cash for our autism programme. Read more

‘Four-legged walking frame’ transforms life for woman with severe rickets

A woman who suffers from a severe, genetic form of rickets that has left her in a wheelchair has had her life transformed by her ‘four-legged walking frame.’ Read more

Fudge – Judith’s second rescue dog turned hero hound

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Ruby: Kim’s small miracle

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From rescue dog to hero dog

Kevin the ex-rescue dog has turned his life around and has now qualified as a disability assistance dog with new partner Wendy Read more

Ann’s life-saving canine threesome

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A pooch ‘on prescription’ leads to the best medicine for Ian

Flat-Coated Retriever Raven was recommended by Ian and Margaret’s GP as a means of improving their health and mobility. Read more

Tokai’s double whammy

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Willow the autism assistance dog makes a better life possible for Sam

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