Cogito is delighted to be raising funds to change lives with Support Dogs.

Founded over 30 years Support Dogs is an energetic, innovative, national charity dedicated to increasing safety and improved quality of life for people with various long-term medical conditions. They provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to achieve this.

They specialise in three specific programmes:

  • Autism assistance dogs for children with autism. The dogs are trained to provide safety for the child and reduce stress in social environments. You can watch a film about this work here:

  • Seizure alert dogs for people with epilepsy. The dogs are trained to provide a 100% reliable, up to 50 minute warning prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure. This enables the client to find safety and be in control over their seizure, allowing a much more independent life. You can watch a film about this work here:

  • Disability assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. The client’s own pet dog is trained to perform tasks which are specifically tailored to their individual needs, providing them with greater independence and safety. You can watch a film about our work here: